Our Call - Spirituality

Our life, in all its moments and facets, centers around the experience of God. #72 – IWBS Constitution

We are Sisters of the Incarnate Word

In Christ we recognize the expression of unconditional divine love in our own human nature-- in one of us, in each of us. Through our prayer, we seek a deeper and deeper union with Christ so that we, too, can be that expression of love for others. Our personal and contemplative prayer is an important element in our journey inward to unite with Christ, the center of our being.

... and Blessed Sacrament

In the celebration of Eucharist, we participate in the self-giving clearly expressed in the Incarnation. In this shared work of the Church, we not only encounter the selfless Son of God; we also are united to Him, nourished with Him and sent by Him to do for others what He has done for us. Having united with the life-giving Christ, we are sent outward to bring others into that union.

We recognize that we cannot give to others what we ourselves have not received. Therefore, we are committed--as a community and as individuals- to a life of prayer. We take time each day to go to God together in the name of all God’s people. And we spend time daily in explicit, quiet, personal prayer with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. In these ways we strengthen and continue our self-giving within the life of the Church.