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Sister Teresita Rodriguez

Sister Teresita RodriguezBorn and raised in San Benito, Texas, it would seem that my journey to the convent would be a simple one. It was a little bit more challenging than you might think!

During my early school years, I was taught by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in my home town. Since they were my first teachers, I wanted to enter their religious Order. However, in the seventh grade, I contracted rheumatic fever. Although I was fully recovered from the illness, the Sisters declined to accept me for health reasons. I was not going to give up though. So, I asked permission to join the Sisters of Saint Joseph. This, too, was not meant to be; these Sisters also had reservations about my health that kept me from entering the convent with them.

Sometimes the Lord saves the best for last. My pastor introduced me to Mother Patricia Gunning of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament. They had a convent in Brownsville, Texas. And so, on my third attempt, Mother Patricia gave me a chance to prove myself. Four days after our meeting, in September of 1954, at the age of fifteen I began my life with the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament.

Since then I have served in many ministries including teaching and school dministration, working as alumni director, and providing CCD instruction. Sister Teresita Rodriguez

The best part of being an Incarnate Word Sister is the dedicated effort that all of my Sisters put into proclaiming and being the Incarnate Word to each other, and to the children we educate. I receive great joy in knowing that there is so much love among all of us in our community.

I always felt that God was calling me to be a religious. And I would say to anyone, “Always take time to listen attentively to the voice within your heart.”