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Sister Mary Ann Pagano

Sister Mary Ann PaganoMy vocation story starts the day I was born -- January 24, 1948. My aunt, Sister Mary Anne Roddy and another Sister, Sister Caroline Fritter, both from the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, paced the floor waiting for my arrival. My mother, Henrietta Newbury, was Sister Mary Anne's only sister so my aunt was really excited. I was her first niece.

Growing up, I used to visit the convent every so often and sometimes have lunch with the Sisters. I would visit with many of the Sisters when I came. I attended Cathedral School, St. Patrick's School and Incarnate Word Academy, all in Corpus Christi and all taught by the Incarnate Word Sisters.

After making a weekend live-in with the Sisters in 1969, I felt the need to live on my own for a while, and I thought that if the vocation call was still there after a time, I would answer it. Sixteen years later, while working for Southwestern Bell Telephone, I answered the call. I guess you could say I answered my long distance call from God.

Sister Mary Ann PaganoI entered the House of Discernment in August 1985 and began my journey to become a Sister of the Incarnate Word. I have served in many capacities – music teacher, teacher's aide, receptionist in the convent front office, organist in the convent chapel, in Corpus Christi Cathedral and in some parish churches, sacristan in the convent chapel and driver for elderly Sisters. In addition to music, I have developed hobbies such as art work and needlework. And of course, I have developed my prayer life. There is certainly never a dull moment when one is in the convent.