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Sister Mary Evelyn Morales

Sister Mary Evelyn MoralesMy memories of growing up are centered in a very religious home in Brownsville, Texas. I never attended Catholic school, but my parents made sure that I knew all about the Catholic faith. They taught me the morals of being attentive and respectful of God, of neighbor, and of country.

Two conversations focused me on the idea of entering religious life. The first was when I went to confession. After the sacrament was completed, the priest asked me if I ever thought about religious life. My response was a very adamant “NO”. The second came when I accompanied my sister to speak with Mother Patricia Gunning, an Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Sister, about her entering the convent. As God would have it, after the interview, Mother Patricia turned to me and asked, “Have you thought about entering the convent?” I said no, but later on did begin to think about it.

My original plan was to go to college to become a CPA. Instead, I went home to discuss something totally different with my parents. They gave me their blessings, and my father agreed to drive me to the convent when I was ready. I prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe to ask her for the strength to make the decision to enter the convent within two weeks. Our Lady came through; I entered in exactly two weeks.

I have served in many ministries throughout my life as a religious Sister. I have taught in middle and high school, worked as a CCD instructor at a Head Start program, was house treasurer at our Motherhouse Sister Evelyn Moralesin Corpus Christi, Texas.

Teaching is a joy that makes me very happy and keeps me young. But the best part of being an Incarnate Word Sister is the very happy community we share, just like the home I was raised in.

When you are discerning God’s call to you, remember to listen, and be open to the Word when it is spoken to you through others.