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Sister Caroline Fritter

Sister Caroline FritterI was born at the Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi, the youngest in the family with two older brothers.

My early elementary education was obtained with private lessons from Sisters of the Holy Spirit who staffed the local Holy Cross School. From fourth grade to the eleventh grade, I attended IWA where I had come to know and admire many of the Sisters. They inspired me with their dedicated teaching and the goodness that radiated from them. Plus they were fun-loving.

For my senior year, I chose to enroll at Our Lady of the Lake High School in San Antonio. I arrived at this decision partly because I had always wanted to experience the fun of boarding school and partly because I was becoming more serious in my consideration of becoming a religious. Hence I would get to know the Sisters of Divine Providence. I graduated from high school in May, 1943.

February 2, 1944 was my entrance date to the convent. My parents had supported me every step of the way with their unconditional love and good example. Now I was beginning an entirely new lifestyle that would be challenging!

Over the years, my ministries have included; teacher/principal/librarian in elementary schools, teacher of religion in high school, CCD teacher, Sister in Charge at the Motherhouse, computer operator for High School, and presently, Motherhouse librarian.

One of the many “best parts” of being a Sister of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament is the support/witness I receive from the other Sisters who have, likewise, been called by God to adore Him and to proclaim Him.

Knowing that I am trying to do God’s will by following His call gives me great joy and peace.

A word of wisdom for a discerner: Surrender (with a trusting heart) to God’s call.