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Sister Anna Marie Espinosa

Sister Anna Marie EspinosaI can’t believe I’ve been a Sister for almost 40 years! Since, the age of five I was educated by the Sisters of the Incarnate and Blessed Sacrament of Corpus Christi, so I can say I grew up with the Sisters. They were as natural a part of my life as my family was. When I think about it, my faith and vocation just grew up with me.

Though not at all conscious of it, my vocation started to nudge at me while I was in high school. When I was a sophomore at Incarnate Word Academy high school, one of my senior friends told me she was going to enter the convent. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t imagine why she would want to do so. Then, when I was a senior, my best friend told me she was thinking about entering the convent.

Later during my senior year, another friend asked if I would give a talk at a Search Retreat on Christian piety. After I agreed spontaneously, I realized I didn’t have a clue about what piety was. While working with the retreat team, I realized that I wanted to give my life to God as a Sister.

I became conscious of how much joy the Sisters radiated to us in the ordinary interactions of everyday life and in their relationships with us and with one another. I comprehend much better now that as young women we were given amazing opportunities to become self confident and to begin to connect with what God asked of us. That dynamic is huge.

In 1966, one of the Sisters invited me to a vocation retreat. I went! Spending the weekend with the Sisters and going into the inner sanctums of the convent was revered as something distinctively sacred. The whole experience was incredibly special for me.

I entered the convent that September to become a Sister. My vocation story has grown substantially with the many times God has called me to give my life again wholeheartedly to the reality of the present. And I am so blessed.

My personal and professional gifts as a teacher and administrator, as a mentor and collaborator, hard worker and dream dreamer have been called forth to serve the Gospel. I live in a faith-filled community of powerful women who are committed to prayer and to making the person of Jesus known to others. I am linked to Sisters who serve Jesus’ mission lovingly and generously in many parts of the world.

Throughout the years of my experience, although many things have changed, one thing remains. God calls us and guides us. And the world needs us. It is so simple and so utterly amazing.

My name is Sister Anna Marie Espinosa. I am a Sister of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament of Corpus Christi, Texas.