Our Call - Charism and Mission

Our Charism

Our gift to the world is to “extend the Incarnation.” That means we are called to an ever-deepening intimacy with Christ so that –like Him- we can be the human face of God’s love in our world today.

Our Mission

We join in the mission of Christ as he traveled his world, proclaiming the Good News of God’s unconditional love that desires fullness of life for us all. Whatever our situation, we work to bring about a Christian wholeness in each person we meet and a Christian unity among all those who fill our day.

We proclaim the truth of God’s unconditional love with many voices. You can recognize us teaching in Catholic schools. You can find us in parishes, (religious education and adult faith formation) in diocesan departments, in hospital chaplaincy and in prison ministry. You will also meet us at retreats, in counseling and spiritual direction. You will see us assisting with liturgical celebrations and addressing concerns of justice and peace.

We have many voices, but we have the face of one community. Our shared life is the source from which our works flow, for here we have the opportunity to support and challenge one another to grow. Therefore, community is also part of the gift of love we offer to the Church today.


Let us aim to be ministers of peace among those who do not possess it.

--Jeanne Chezard de Matel, Treatise on the Beatitudes