A person interested in the Orientation for Associates of the Incarnate Word must be a Catholic who

  • is free from commitment to another religious institute or spirituality
  • (if married) is married in the Catholic Church
  • participates in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church
  • is an active member of a Catholic parish
  • desires to
  • grow in prayer and spirituality
  • is able to attend monthly meetings, seasonal retreats as an Associate and—during candidacy—special orientation sessions


A three-year orientation period for Associate candidates gives them the opportunity to grow in understanding of our Incarnate Word Mission and the gift (charism) we have been given to share with the world. During this time candidates can deepen their personal knowledge and experiences of prayer and community according to the spirituality of the Order. By following Jesus in openness to the Holy Spirit, they grow in living the Beatitudes and becoming a sign of Christ’s living presence among people.

Years one and two of the orientation include two special meetings to introduce the candidates to the Charism, Spirituality and History of the Incarnate Word Order.