Role - Mission - Way of Life

We seek to . . . witness to the Gospel of love, justice and mercy in our families, neighborhoods, parishes and places of occupation. (Associates Handbook)


We understand that through our Baptism we all share the call to bring God’s love to the world. With the Incarnate Word Sisters we answer that call by deepening our intimacy with the Incarnate Word so that we—like the Incarnate Word—can draw others to our loving Father.

“Our lives are a book in which others can read the instructions we give them.” (Jeanne de Matel, Treatise on the Beatitudes)


You may have already met one of us as an office worker, a store clerk, a teacher, a coach, a construction worker. We live in different cities and many parishes. We are someone’s grandparent, parent, sister, brother, cousin, child, friend. We have chosen various careers, serve in a variety of ministries. In all our efforts, we want to be the Good News for others.

Way of Life

As Associates we gather regularly in community to strengthen, support, and challenge one another toward growth in relationship with the Incarnate Word and to witness to God’s presence in our lives and in the world around us.

Through our shared and personal prayer, we are strengthened to live God’s love with others. In our concern and support of one another we nurture the spirit of community for which our world hungers.

Whether in individual efforts or participating in community projects--we want to use our gifts in service to others. Each year we re-commit ourselves to live the Gospel values needed in our world today.

Associates Associates

Our mission calls us forth in service to others . . . In our ministry we direct our service toward bringing about a Christian wholeness in each person and a Christian unity among all. (from the Constitution of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, #81).